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Let's Walk out of the Secret World of Schizophrenia Together | 让我们一起走出精神分裂症的秘密世界



The Topics are Suitable for Everyone

Here you are going to read about the topic of schizophrenia, but the topics here are not only for the people who suffer schizophrenia, the topics are suitable for everyone, including the government official and the statesmen, because I have found out that the "schizophrenia" is a social problem instead of an illness.

I myself was diagnosed schizophrenia, and you are going to read almost all the stories of me, you are going to read what our society look like and what our society should be in my eyes, you are going to find my talking with all kinds of people at forums, and you are going to find out that how easy it is for me to win the debates on the topics.

The Best of the World

I believe you are going the find the best of the world here:

  • The best way to heal schizophrenia

  • The best way for us to grow up

  • The best way to manage our society

  • The best explanation of human nature


Since I had some good ideas, I naturally would try to persuade others, I met difficulties everywhere, but I never think they were right, and that's the reason I felt I was strong enough to continue. I started to write the article Schizophrenia around September of 2011, and the 1st version was written on September 8th, 2011, I have already written about the best way to manage our society - I think information management of all enterprises should be responsible by government.

When I was thinking of writing all the ideas and stories to website space in the year 2011, the MSN space was just closing in China, and free WordPress website was available for us, I tried once or twice and I still felt a little bit too ashame to write all my private stories to website, but not unless I am able to write the stories, I am not able to let others understand my opinions. I decided to write to website space in the end, but the free WordPress website was already not available at that time, I searched and started to subscribe the website space in January 2012.

I did not really know the difference between a free space and a paid space at that time. I saw that I needed a domain name when I prepare to pay my website, I did not know why there should be a domain name at all, I just thought for a while and decided my domain name, and it was "" in the end. I made the title of my website "The Secret World", I believe when we are free to talk about schizophrenia, schizophrenia will disappear, but we have to reduce the great pressures on us from our society before we are able to speak freely, that's the most difficult problem in our history for thousands of years - fair distribution of income.


  • January 15th, 2012: I started this website.

  • August 10th, 2012: I started to ask questions about this topic at, and later I also ask questions at, I have collected related 29 questions which were asked by me and my answers to 898 questions;

  • August 24th, 2012: I started to ask and answer questions about schizophrenia at, I have posted more than 22 thousands times till now, I've collected 16 questions which was asked by me and my answers to 582 questions which was asked by others.

  • October 24th, 2013: I made an Excel template to calculate BOM for production. and I believe this can make the social reform technically feasible - a planned market managed by government in our society.

  • January 1st, 2014: I transfered the website, and currently Sharepoint doesn't provide 301redirect function, please just visit the new site if you meet any broken links from the former site. Thank you!


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  • 治愈精神分裂症的最好的方式;

  • 我们成长的最好的方式;

  • 管理我们的社会的最好方式;

  • 关于人性善恶的最好解释


既然我有一些好的想法,那我就会很自然的试图说服周围的人,这个过程可以说是四处碰壁,但是我一直非常肯定他们是错误的,这就是为什么我感到自己有足够的力量继续下去。我大约在2011年9月开始写Schizophrenia一文,第一篇比较完整的文章完成于2011年9月8日,当时我已经将自己关于最好的社会管理的设想写入了这篇文章—— 我认为用人单位的信息管理应该由政府负责。


我当时并不了解免费空间和付费空间的不同。我租用空间时看到我需要一个域名,其实我并不了解为什么需要一个域名,我只是考虑了一下就决定下来,最后我的域名定为""。我将自己的网站定名为"The Secret World",我相信当我们能够自由谈论精神分裂症的时候,精神分裂症就会消失,但是在我们能自由谈论精神分裂症之前,必须降低来自社会的压力,这是几千年来人类历史上最困难的问题了——分配公平的问题。


  • 2012年1月15日,我开始使用自己的网站空间,准备发布自己的故事和观点;

  • 2012年8月10日,我开始在Ask.com网站发布关于这个话题的问题,并回答他人的问题,稍后也在LinkedIn发布相关的问题。我至今共收录了自己发布的29个问题、回答别人提出的898个问题

  • 2012年8月24日,我开始在百度贴吧针对精神分裂症的话题提问并且回答别人的问题,至今共发贴超过2.2万次,在网站中共收录了自己提出的16个问题、回答了582个别人提出的问题

  • 2013年10月24日,我制作计算生产用物料用量计算模板(BOM表),我相信这能让社会变革在技术上具备可操作性——在社会中实现政府计划和管理的市场。

  • 2014年1月1日,我转移网站,目前Sharepoint不提供301重定向的功能,如果您点击了任何来自以前网站的无法访问的链接,请直接在新网站中访问。谢谢!


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